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I fell in love this past week. It was a match made in heaven between me and Instagram!  Yeah, I know I am behind in this hot trend.  As an Android owner, I have never had the opportunity to explore this lovely app until recently when I used my colleague's iPhone. We are considering using Instagram to capture staff shots instead of hiring a photographer for our new company website. I captured a couple shots of my office space to explore the functionality. Here is the product of my work.  Not bad for a first-timer. 

A glass bowl, a gift from my grandma, that I try not to fill with too much candy.
A stack of fashion books. My lovely "Blog on" artwork.
This teacup pencil holder makes me happy!
It is actually bright pink and perfect for my spunky office decor.
It reminds me of tea scene in Alice in Wonderland.
I asked the Director of Operations if she could pick me up a tape dispenser.
They call me Sassy Sarah at work so she thought this high heel dispenser would be perfect.
The damask-print bucket holds a variety of Sharpies - my writing utensil of choice. 
We constantly joke that Sharpies are like crayons for adults. I'm sure you'll agree!

So they just released Instagram for the Android, but I have yet to find a way to download it to my phone. Looks like I might be visiting the cell phone store soon for some assistance.

Any other Android owner have this same problem?

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