A Trip to San Antonio

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When I was told I would be going to San Antonio for a work trip, I didn't know what to expect. Then I mentioned the trip to a few people who said that this was one beautiful town. They were so right! 

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I absolutely loved this city because of the gorgeous River Walk winding through the town. In fact, our hotel was even on the River Walk, which made for convenient strolls every night. The River Walk is adorned with numerous shops and restaurants that keep you coming back night after night for more discoveries. Tourists can even explore the town via guided tour boat. I captured the pictures below on my cell phone as we toured the area.

Each night, we went out to dinner.  In fact, we even ate at Casa Rio, the restaurant with the colorful umbrellas featured in the first picture.

Our time in San Antonio was filled with mariachi bands and margaritas...

I definitely recommend a visit to San Antonio if you are looking to explore a new city. This was one beautiful city I will not forget. Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. Love the riverwalk!! You were only about 3 hours from me! We spent a few nights in SA on the Riverwalk for our honeymoon. It was in August and it was HOT... So it sounds like you went at a good time of the year. Glad you enjoyed yourself!


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