My Best Friend's Wedding

One my very best friends, Julia, was married on Black Friday in November. Yes, I did say Black Friday - the biggest shopping day of the year. I proudly sacrificed my annual shopping plans to be part of her big day. Julia has been my friend since pre-school when we attended the same daycare and took ballet class together. There is not one thing in this lifetime that I have not done without her by my side.  I was so excited to help her with all the planning along the way.  You may even remember the wine tasting wedding shower my friends and I threw for her last fall. 

Julia choose to feature lime green, purple and navy hues in her color palette, which turned out beautifully. Here are a couple shots highlighting her wedding day.

Wedding Prep

I loved the all-green bouquets! I think single-colored arrangements are so lovely and very classy.
Julia ordered this personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat as a gift for her husband, Matt.
Each member of the wedding party covered it with their well wishes.
Julia getting ready with her dog, Tipper.
These are my two best friends. Brittany (to the left) and Julia are even cousins.
I've been around their family most of my life and like to think of myself as an honorary family member. 
Julia and I patiently waiting for the limo to arrive. 
Julia and Matt choose to have pictures taken on a lush golf course at a country club.

The Cermony

Gorgeous arrangements by Holly at Posy Floral Designs.
I'm looking forward to having Holly create the flower arrangements for my wedding next April!   
Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Salzer

The Reception
Loved these centerpieces! The swirling vines make the arrangement interesting.
Champagne ready and waiting.
Wedding photography by The Harris'
I was so happy to be apart of this big day. I look forward to having Julia play a special role in my wedding as well. Congratulations to Julia and Matt!


  1. What a beautiful wedding. I love that you two have been best friends since pre-school. Friendships like that don't come around very often!


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