Summer Monogram Swap

I love a good blogger swap! Thus far, I have participated in three and have even hosted one - the Fabulous Fall Exchange - last year.  For my very first blogger swap, I was partnered with Sara from Social Sara. We instantly hit it off and have been friends every since. When Sara announced that she was teaming up with Nicole from Probably Polka Dots to host a monogrammed-themed exchange, I definitely couldn't pass it up, especially since I monogram practically everything I own. 

Since they had an odd number of participants sign up, I was put in a trio with two lovely ladies. I had an opportunity to get to know Lauren from Kiwi + Peach, a charming cooking blog, and Susan from Charming Lucy, a sweet lifestyle blog. 
Here is what I picked out for Lauren who is passionate about cooking...

I could not tell you how excited I was to receive my monogrammed gift from Susan. It was something I had my eye on for many months - a monogrammed baseball cap. The colors were perfect. The monogrammed was a great size. It was an all around great gift! 

I loved adding this piece to my collection. So cute and so perfect for the weekends!

A special thanks to Susan for such a thoughtful gift and Sara and Nicole for hosting a well organized swap!


  1. What a great kitchen gift you selected! I love it! And the hat is perfect for you! You are just gorgeous and that is a great color for you! I am so happy you like it! I look forward to keeping in touch! Blessings! Susan

  2. cuuuuute! Love the cap! Thank you so much for swapping, and I hope you guys had a great time!

  3. Thanks for your sweet words! I love that we met over a swap! What a great gift! I love the hat and as a matter of fact, I want one myself! I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap. Thanks for participating and for linking up. We hope to do it again soon! :)


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