Let's talk school supplies!

Back-to-school time means a renewed excitement in all things desk related. I can't help but be consumed with happiness when items like Sharpies pens and Post-its go on sale. (In fact, I was thrilled to purchase a set of 14 Bic pens for just $4 this week at Target. While they're not Sharpie brand, I figured they'll still do the job.)

I wonder what it is about August that makes us feel like kids again. Is it the fact that back-to-school meant a new start and an opportunity to accomplish new things and meet new people? Regardless of what it is, I still love this time year. I love filling my cart with "office supplies." (Let's call them what they really are since we no longer technically need "school supplies.")

On that note, here are some excellent accessories to add to your desktop collection...

What's your favorite thing about August?

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  1. To be honest, I hate to see the summer end. Our lives are so busy and hectic during the school year and I love having my daughter home. But we love football season, Halloween, and back to school shopping. I just bought her this Vera planner and she loves it! Great post! Susan


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