Pretty Party Showcase: Lemonade Stand Birthday

When I saw pictures of this birthday party, I knew I had to share them with you. A long time friend, Jodi, hosted this "lemonade stand" themed party for her little girl, Elle. It was too cute! 

How precious is this homemade "About Elle" sign? 

Jodi is a firm believer in clean eating and selected all refreshments based on this concept. Most of the grill-out items served were fresh from her father's garden. She also purchased organic and high fructose corn syrup-free snacks from Trader Joe's to share with the kids. 

The best part of this party is the fact that Jodi made almost all decor items herself! Here's a quick resource list:
  • Most signs, cupcake toppers, food labels and drink tags - DIY using Microsoft Word
  • Wooden lemonade stand and stats sign - DIY project by Jodi's husband
  • Decorative Elle letters - Hobby Lobby letters (modge podged with scrapbook paper) 
  • Organic snack assortment - Trader Joe's
  • Birthday cake - Organic vanilla mix with homemade lemon icing
  • Fruit crates - Borrowed from family members
  • Striped drinking straws - Hobby Lobby and Etsy
  • Pink dollies - Party City
  • Party invitations - Etsy
  • "Keep calm and drink lemonade" sign - Etsy

A special thanks to Jodi for allowing me to share her DIY party ideas!

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  1. That is the cutest birthday party I have ever seen! Perhaps you could switch it to a hot cocoa party for the winter:) Susan


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