The Stripes I Always Wanted

I have always been a lover of thick stripes painted on walls.

Exhibit A:
photo via Elle Decor

Exhibit B:
photo via Elle Decor

Yesterday on a whim, I decided I was finally going to add these to my house.  I have played with the idea of painting stripes for the past year so yesterday was the day.  I decided to add subtle stripes to the little niche in my hallway.
Here is my tutorial.  It's not very scientific or technical. I just went with it:

1) I used a book, level, and pencil to start taping off straight lines:

2) I began to paint every other line with the lighter shade all the up the wall.

3) Notice the faint pencil lines (pictured below) after taking the painting tape off. I used an eraser to rid my walls of all evidence of cheat lines.

4) Lastly, I removed the painting tape and erased the pencil lines. Ta Da!

I'm pretty "house proud" as Nate Berkus would say.  I love how these stripes turned out! They definitely add some interest to my hallway.

Has anyone else tried this in their home? I would love to see the final result so please share! 
I'm considering adding the same stripes to a short corresponding wall in this hallway.

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  1. Jennifer PetersMarch 15, 2011

    Sarah, I painted my daughter's room (when she was just a baby) in three different colored stripes. It took forever. They almost always come out beautiful, but boy they sure are a pain in the butt. Yours looks wonderful though.

  2. Sarah! I love it! Now where to do this in my house?!?!?!?

  3. juliaefry@gmail.comMarch 25, 2011

    How much would you charge to do these stripes in my house???


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