Reader Spotlight - Stephanie Arango

This year I have met one of the most athletic people ever.  Stephanie Arango is on a mission to do 50 marathons in 50 states and she blogs about every step of the way on Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge.  Thus far, she has completed 55 races in 49 states and will cross state 50 off her list soon.  Her last race... the Boston Marathon on April 18th.

I am not a runner, nor do I have any interest in training for marathons, but this is amazing to me!  Stephanie typically travels most weekends out of the year flying around the country to run a marathon on the weekend.  Then she flies back home in time to make it to work on Monday morning.  Last week, Stephanie ran in DC on Saturday AND then in New Mexico on Sunday... wow!   Now, that is true motivation.

What is even better is that fact that Stephanie dresses up for each race. Check our her Disney Princess attire from the Walt Disney World race she completed.

Tinker Bell

Recently, Stephanie highlighted Simply Sarah Style on her blog discussing her love for my personalized water bottles. Of course, pretty runners need pretty water bottles!

I  would suggest visiting Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge for more on this amazing accomplishment as well as tips for training.  Enjoy!

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