$4 Art

Below you will find pictures of my patio door.  First of all, I hate (and I mean absolutely despise) the ugly white blinds that cover my patio door.  I have tried to come up with an affordable option to cover this, but have gotten nowhere. What makes this design delimina difficult is that I have two windows close to the patio door.  I couldn't imagine putting drapes in front of the patio door when they already line my windows. I considered using just roman shades on the windows and then doing a curtain window treatment over the patio doors, but haven't made the leap of faith yet. Have suggestions? They are definitely welcomed! Please comment below.

In the meantime, I thought I could at least jazz up the wall space above the door.  Initially, I cut a vinyl quote on my Cricut for the wall. Not too impressive. At the time, I only owned one font cartridge for my Cricut and this was it.

I got bored with the quote so I decided to paint some burlap to make art for this space.  I used leaf stencils I already owned to paint brown leaves on the burlap I already owned.  Then I framed the burlap pieces with four dollar store frames. You could really do any pattern or any color and it would look great.

Tada!  Cheap art!

You may have noticed that the last frame is slightly thicker. I accidently picked up the wrong one.  This calls for another trip back to the dollar store.

Easy as pie.  Hope you enjoyed the quick, cheap way to instant art for your home.

Happy day readers!


  1. I think you should just put whatever you have around up for the time being. Just to get rid of the horrible white. Whatever you have handy. Doesn't matter. Something is better than nothing. No one likes boring. You're not boring, Sarah.

  2. I love the $4 art! Totally looks like something that you would pay $15 for @ Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Although I do love the quote that you had up previously I think that the burlap leaves better suite the space.
    P.S. Maybe the "Do what you love" quote could go into your computer room?!?

  3. P.S.S Love the new background...very Spring!!!

  4. Okay so I just had a wonderful idea (shocking I know). What about featuring an "Ask Sarah" spot on your blog once a month? That way your loyal followers can write in and ask their design/style questions and you can pick one problem & resolution to post on your blog that month? Maybe the selected follower can get a prize or something...idk just a thought :)


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