The Art of Gift Giving - "Simply Sarah" Style

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for personalized gifts.  I am truly southern girl with a love for all things monogrammed!  I've been working on some gifts lately... some I have given and others for friends to give.

Here is a sneak peak...

The totebag I gave my Grandma for her birthday
(The flower is even a removable broach.)

An Easter bucket for my friend Becky's daughter, Emerson
(It's Emerson's very first Easter.)

The personalized water bottle I gave to my 12 year old cousin for her birthday.
(She plays numerous sports so this was a gift she could use daily.)

The personalized art caddies I created for my friend to give to her nephew for his birthday.
(Go CATS!)

Want something personalized? Call (or email) me!  I would love to help you design the perfect gift for your upcoming party or occassion.

Want to see more personalized gifts, click here.

Enjoy! :)

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