Map It Out

While on a recent trip, I came across this personalized world traveler map in the Sky Mall magazine on the plane. It comes with RED pins to mark the places where you have visited, BLUE pins to mark upcoming trips, YELLOW pins to mark favorite places, and GREEN pins to mark dream destinations. It is even personalized to read "The World Travels of ... (your name here)."

I feel in love with it and mentioned to my aunt, who also loves to travel, that I was going to try to recreate a version of it for cheaper price. I searched ebay and purchased a map online for $6.00. It just arrived at my house two days before my birthday and surprise, surprise... my aunt actually purchased the personalized map from Sky Mall as my birthday/Christmas present! My personalized map has not arrived yet, but I cannot wait to start pinpointing all the places I've been, the places I'm going, and the places I want to visit.

This is a project from the writers of one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love. She utilized the same concept as the store bought map to create her own.

Here is another map inspired idea from Young House Love:

Maps are such a wonderful way to incorporate memories of your favorite places and trips into your home. I'm sure you will enjoy them as much as I do. Now go book your next trip!

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