Home Sweet Condo

I never thought I would want to live in a condo... none the less own a condo! I have always been the type of girl who enjoyed living in a house with a yard and plenty of space, but as I graduated college I knew it was time to find a place of my own.

Luckily, my uncle is a real estate agent and was able to show me properties within my price range. Out of a list of 68 properties, I selected seven and we set out to go visit them. After seeing many properties I was not interested in, we made our way to our final destination where I fell in love with a beautiful new(er) (four years old) condo in my hometown! It was so much larger, cleaner, and newer than the other properties we had looked at that day. To my surprise, it was in my price range! It had been on the market for only two days and my uncle was certain it would be sold by the end of the weekend, so on a whim, I made an offer on it.

One month later, I was a proud owner of a beautiful large condo in convenient part of town!

I have included pictures of the condo in the "as-is" sold condition. Keep in mind this was a forclosure so there were many fixtures missing as well as many odd things.

Here is a picture of the kitchen in the condition I bought the condo.

Below is the "after" photo. My friend, Mark, who is an archiect painted my condo in the blue and gold tones I choose.

Here is a shot of the living "before." Notice the random yellow light hanging from the ceiling. Sadly enough, it is still hanging there today because I need to find a handy man to take it down and add my living room fan.

Here is the current state of my living room area:

The last room transformation I'm going to share with you today is my bedroom. Here is the "before":

The "after"...

It is definitely a work in progress but I am enjoying every day of it!


  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2011

    I love your before and after shots, I vaguely remember the before. You are doing a wonderful job making it a cozy yet modern place of your own.
    I bet I know a handyman who would be happy to take out the yellow light and replace it with a fan.....and you could pay him with a easy pizza dinner!!! BP, the son could help and learn at the same time!!
    Let's talk about it...is the yellow light still hanging there?? JP

  2. Good news - the yellow lava lamp-looking light has been removed! A friend of mine capped the hole and also hung my living room fan.

    This reminds me that I need to post some update photos soon.

    Thanks for the comment, Jane!


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