Trying out a new monthly subscription: Rocksbox

Statement jewelry is my thing. Simply Sarah Style consists of oversized statement necklaces or big (and classy) stud earrings. I have a love obsession with my jewelry collection, because I know the right accessories can take an outfit from ordinary to exceptional.

Whether you're a fellow jewelry lover or someone simply wanting to test the waters in expanding your collection, I have the perfect subscription for you. Can you imagine jaw-dropping designer jewelry sent directly to your door? What's not to love about that? Think about adding well-known brands like Loren Hope and Kendra Scott to your collection without paying retail price.

Rocksbox has rolled out a monthly subscription service that allows you to do just that!

Here's how it works:
  • For $19 a month, you get a box of designer jewelry delivered to your door.
  • To get started, you review the Rocksbox collection and create a wish list.
  • Based on your wish list, a stylist curates a collation for you which is mailed directly to your door.
  • Each month, you decide if you want to keep your pieces and continue wearing them or send them back for a new selection. For example, if you love one necklace in the collection and want to keep "renting" it, but would like to send the other pieces back, you can do that. 
  • If you absolutely love the pieces and want to own them, you can purchase them at a discounted rate.

Here's what I received in my first box:
  • Perry Street necklace 
  • Perry Street crystal earrings (Love these and have already purchased them through the box!)
  • Kendra Scott agate necklace 
Are you ready for the best part? Rocksbox is allowing me to give Simply Sarah Style readers their first month free, so you too can try it out. Just use code simplysarahstyleblogxoxo during checkout!

A special thanks to Rocksbox for sponsoring this post.


  1. Thanks for sharing! It's definitely a nice way to try out jewelry and find what you like best. I like that they base things around your preferences too.


  2. Sign me up! I have never heard of Rocksbox but this is a monthly subscription box that is right up my alley!

  3. Love those earrings!!! i do the same type of thing with plus-size clothing through GwynnieBee and love it!


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