Faking detailed wall design with vinyl stickers

I received the sweetest, unexpected gift from one of my best friends - fresh flowers straight from her garden. I thought they were too beautiful not to share, so I snapped a photo and threw it on social. To my surprise, people not only noticed the flowers, but they were gushing over the gold polka dots that line a portion of my kitchen wall.

Several people asked how they could get the look.

I'm excited to share this polka dot pattern isn't the result of wallpaper installation or a careful paint session. I achieved this pop of pattern with gold vinyl stickers from Jesabi on Etsy. The best part...the dots can easily be removed and repositioned.

I ended up playing with the pattern for hours. I initially wanted the scatter of dots to get thicker and more concentrated at the top. After spending too much time trying to achieve an effortless look, I folded. I decided to go with an more evenly distributed look and have been happy with it ever since.

This small little wall in our space is probably the most discussed feature in our home. Guests always point it out and ask about our approach.

I've even considering taking this approach to our half bath and trying out a pineapple pattern. Imagine how cool this would look on a charcoal gray wall!

I could get lost in the endless vinyl wallpaper options. There's certainly a design for every taste.

PS - I'm determined to install this bow design in a little girl's room. Any takers?

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