4 Considerations for Creating a Gallery Wall

I've set my mind on creating a gallery wall behind our TV in the living room. I've been inspired by so many options lately. Props to these bloggers and designers for having great instincts when it comes to mixing and matching artwork and other artifacts for an interesting, but cohesive display!

Some might say adding art behind, atop and aside your TV will create too much busyness. I beg to differ. If done tastefully, a gallery wall will serve as an eye-catching addition to your room, not an unwelcome distraction.

Here are four key observations from some of my favorite gallery wall designs:

Strive for color balance

I love how Tiffany sticks to neutral basics for the frames (black, white and gold) and then mixes in pops of color to keep the arrangement from looking stark. (We actually have our TV sitting on this same IKEA bookcase. This example definitely speaks to me!)

Incorporate unique frames

I remember seeing this image on Instagram and thinking, "I need that Baroque frame!" Combined with bold fabric, this frame has major "WOW" power. I also love Aniko's artwork. You can even purchase digital downloads of her work, so you can create a similar look and feel.

Consider alternative lighting

Emily can do no wrong as far as home design. I love that she took the gallery concept further and incorporated the wall sconces as an extra lighting source. If you go with a similar sconce, you won't even need an electrician. You could hang these yourself!  I'm all in favor of any design that hides lamp cords in an attractive manner.

Mix in other artifacts

Claire's right. Mixing unique objects with your print collection will allure the eye. I'm challenging myself to think beyond the typical frame when selecting wall art. Think taxidermy, shells, initials, spheres, antique keys, wreaths, masks, hats, garland, mirrors, etc. 

My game plan

With this inspiration in mind, here's what I plan to incorporate: 

I'm looking forward to getting started. What's your go-to gallery wall trick?

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