A Construction-Themed Party Festive Enough for Adults

Well I did it. I threw a five-year-old-style party for adults at work, and guess what? Everyone loved it!  This just goes to prove that there's always a place for a good themed party.

When I was a child, my mother threw me elaborate themed birthday parties each and every year. From Mickey Mouse to My Little Pony to Pocahontas, you name it. I think that is why I have the compulsive party-planning bug.

I love to plan celebrations. Yes, I live for the creative details, but I also enjoy planning events because the feelings they can evoke within the attendees and guests of honor. I always want people to leave an event feeling like they had a memorable experience. Even more so, I want the guest(s) of honor to feel loved and celebrated.

That brings me back to the premise of my work party. After a year of preparation, our client, a regional construction company on the east coast, finally went official with a new brand. My team had led the rebranding process and touched countless pieces of this project. The wrap-up of this project deserved a drink and a proper celebration. With that on my mind, I did a quick Pinterest search for inspiration and then headed to Target, Kroger and the Party Source to make the details come to life.

Luckily, I had the black and white tablecloths from H&M Home, chevron favor bags, gray star napkins and confetti from Celebrate by Kate already sitting in my party pantry. I also sifted through my collecting of servingware and pulled out platters, bins and scoops.

I picked up a CAT mini machine set of toys from Target and used them to make the tablescape seem like a construction zone.

I searched Pinterest for the free printable place cards I used to label the refreshments. (I have a full refreshment list below.) 

We even had a "build your own cupcake" station complete with "dirt" and "concrete mix." I also threw in some peanut M&Ms because they were the right color.

And of course, we needed adult refreshments for "break time." The MadTree cans were on point in their yellow coloring.

Want to throw a similar party? Here's my refreshment list:
  • Pretzel rods as steel beams
  • Pretzel sticks as nails
  • Fritos Twists as drill bits (By the way, these are absolutely addicting) 
  • French onion dip as concrete mix
  • Veggies as building blocks (of your health)
  • Nuts as nuts & bolts 
  • Oreos as black truck tires 
  • Crushed up Oreos as dirt (for the cupcakes)
  • Gray sprinkles as concrete mix (for the cupcakes)

Now it's your turn to build the perfect party!  

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