Fabulous Fun and Fashion Observation at I Love Lucy Live on Stage

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending I Love Lucy Live on Stage. The Broadway in Cincinnati team was so kind to invite me to opening night. I brought my sister-in-law, Laura, who is a huge theater fan. She's currently starring in the Showbiz Player's The Addam's Family at the Carnegie. Laura is also the talent behind the vlog Camera Behind the Curtain. Although she had never watched I Love Lucy (I'm going to say because of her age), she was thrilled to attend. This girl never turns down show tickets. 

I personally remember watching I Love Lucy as a child. Growing up in a household without cable TV, I only had five channels to choose from and I Love Lucy was often a choice on one of the five. I would say I have seen enough episodes to be pretty familiar with the characters, but wouldn't go as far to say I have seen every episode.

What I loved about this Broadway show is that the story was told from behind the curtain making the audience part of the show. The Aronoff was transformed into a 1950s TV studio in LA and we were instantly part of a live taping of I Love Lucy. Throughout the night, they filmed two episodes of the show, and in between, we enjoyed live commercials featuring memorable brands. I chuckled when the cast sang, "See the USA in your Chevrolet." The lyrics state, "Drive your Chevrolet..." I had to agree. In fact, I drove my Chevrolet to the show that night. I have actually only owned Chevrolets. 

Another aspect of the show that spoke to me was the fashion. Lucy looked quite stunning in her costumes. I would have loved to live in the 1950s. Big A-line skirts and cocktail-style dresses suit me well. Lucy's outfit (see above) in the first episode was so unique and lovely. It was essentially a pants suit with a wrap-around skit. I tried to find a photo of her standing online, so you could see it in its' greatness, but had no luck. I did find this old sewing pattern that reflects a similar style.

The other female cast members also donned gorgeous gowns for the live commercials. I especially love the navy one below. 

The entire show is entertaining. The cast meets the mark when bringing Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel to life. Thea Brooks and Euriamis Losoda are dead-on replicas of Lucy and Ricky - both in look and character execution. And that Ricky is such a cutie! 

I promise you'll laugh and chuckle throughout the show. You even get to participate in the storyline as you're transformed into the studio audience. 

There's still time remaining to catch I Love Lucy at the Aronoff. It runs through June 14, with shows every day, but Monday. You can find additional ticket information here.

A special thanks to Broadway in Cincinnati for inviting me to join them on opening night!

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