The Wedding Series: Part VI


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To wrap up this series, I thought I would end on a humorous note.

For fun, let's count all the ways I can throw a monogram into wedding planning. And if you know me, you're laughing right now, because you know how much I like to monogram E V E R Y T H I N G.

1) Wedding Dress Styling 

2) Bridal Attire

3) Bridal Scarf (because it might snow or be chilly the first week of April... you never know)

4) Reception Door Decor

5) Shortbread Cookies 

7) Cocktail Napkins

And if a single initials counts...

8) Bridesmaid Bouquet Styling

9) The Wedding Program

(And if you're wondering... my favorite place to purchase monogrammed goods is MK's Totebags & Monogramming in Covington, KY. Mary Kay has the best prices and selection in town.)

Here's to monogramming the heck out of everything we own for the rest of our married life! A special thanks to all those who joined me on this journey as I shared our lessons learned.

Photos of our big day by the talented Sherri Barber

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