The Wedding Series: Part II


(Did you miss Part I? If so, start here.)

We started with a spectacular base. The Bell Event Centre in Cincinnati, where we had our reception, has such a wow factor.  While I live for sensational styling, the thought of crafting 20 centerpieces did not excite me, especially with a to-do list a mile long. I kept this in mind when selecting a venue.

My criteria for a venue:
  • a place that was somewhat new to our family and friends 
  • a space that had a ton of character and required less investment in the decor department 

I was oh so happy with our selection! The venue was perfect. I am still tickled when I think about it.

Holly, our florist and owner of Posy Floral Design, was so helpful in selecting an arrangement that would achieve our desired look and feel while also fitting in our budget. 

We varied centerpieces, featuring a tall floral arrangement on some tables and a lantern set in bronze, copper and gold on others. I have to shout out to my friend Melissa who allowed us to purchase the lanterns after she had painted them for her own wedding. Talk about saving time! 

Looking back at these pictures now, I should have layered additional ribbon on the kraft boxes to create greater interest. 

My cousin, a very talented cake baker, set out out to create our wedding cake, but due to time, ended up having Fantasy in Frosting in Newport prepare the main cake as she baked the supplemental cakes.

Inspiring Kind Boutique Bakery created a variety of shortbread cookies for us. I thought these would be perfect for our guests who aren't cake people or those who want a small sweet. (Can you believe those non-cake people exist?)

And finally, a bird cage for cards. Of course, you already know that trick though as I'm sure you have seen it on Pinterest a gazillion times. 

If you're looking for a unique wedding venue in the Cincinnati area, I highly recommend the Bell Event Centre! The staff was so easy to work with and the pricing was easy to understand (one price per person, without a ton of other fees lumped into the equation).

And did I mention the outdoor courtyard makes a spectacular backdrop too? 

Photos of our big day by the talented Sherri Barber

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