The Kentucky Derby: Simply Sarah Style

As a born and raised Kentucky girl, there is nothing I love more than a party centered around the largest equine event of the year. Not only do I love dressing up and celebrating, I grew up in a horse family. My dad used to own a racehorse named Zachary's Girl. As a five year old, I remember feeling so tickled because the horse was named after me and his business partner's son, Zach. My earliest memories of the racetrack revolve around me and my dad walking around the paddock. I also have a very vivid memory of tripping and scrapping my knee on the sidewalk and then getting to go to the doctor's office at the track, where my dad told me I was special because that's where the jockeys get fixed up. (Isn't it funny the little things that you remember as a child?)

Many, many years later, I made even more memories at the racetrack. My college years were filled with Keeneland tailgate parties where you dressed to the nines to hang out in the most beautiful fields with your friends all before heading inside the track to socialize even more and be seen by anyone who is anyone. (PS-If you haven't been to Keeneland, add it to your bucket list. It is one of the most beautiful places.) 

While I will not be going to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby this year, here's what I'm thinking for a local house party... I am planning on rocking my new Bliss Tulle skirt (an anniversary gift from my hubby), one of my Banana Republic button-downs and a fascinator. 

What will you be wearing this Saturday? 

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