Styling A Thanksgiving Tabletop

Let's talk Thanksgiving. While I love hosting, I don't love cooking. My mom promised she would cook the turkey if I offered to host. So then, the deal was done. I'll decorate and create one heck of a tablescape and my mom will cook the big bird.

We have enough space in our new house, but there's a small problem...we don't own a dining room table yet. Yikes...yeah, small problem. So I decided I'm decking out card tables. That will have to do for the time being. I'm vowing to myself that they will be the most beautifully decorated card tables. Yes, that will have to do this year.

So, I've been scheming. I'm using the H&M Home black and white tablecloths I purchased for our housewarming party. Combine the black and white gingham with some neutral and orange accents, and I think I'll be golden. ;)

How cute are those "Wine. Pie. Repeat." napkins?!? Seriously. I'm such a sucker for cute and clever design.

Have you planned your Thanksgiving table yet? If so, what colors are driving your design decisions?

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