Once, the Musical

This week, I was invited by the Broadway in Cincinnati team to see Once, the Musical at the Aronoff. While I wasn't familiar with the storyline before seeing the show, two people told me that it is was one their all-time favorite plays, so I knew it had to be good! 

This play takes place in Dublin, Ireland. Essentially, a "Guy" meets a "Girl," who inspires him to take his songwriting and love for music (and girls) to the next level. 

The music alone was invigorating, not to mention the raw emotion of new love that the storyline evoked. The main song - Falling Slowly - was stuck in my head for days. I even created a Once station on Pandora. 

I found the use of choreography and staging clever. The visuals worked so beautifully with the melodies and each actor brought a musical talent to the stage.

Pre-show, guests were invited to hang out on stage for drinks and a jam session featuring Irish folk music. Then the show transitions right into the story featuring Guy singing his heart out over lost love. I won't give away the full story, but what develops between Guy and Girl is compelling. So compelling that I was in tears by the end show.

Let me tell ya - Stuart Ward was plays Guy, the male lead, was absolutely adorable! So charming, but at the same time such a true guy, and who can resist an accent? Ladies, I must mention that he has even been on Downton Abbey. My mom loved that! 

Dani de Waal who plays Girl is so talented. She had one heck of a voice and her one-liners really made the show quite comical. 

Interesting in checking out Once? There's still time! The show runs until November 23 at the Aronoff. A special thanks to the Broadway in Cincinnati team for inviting me to experience this delightful love story! 

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