Black Friday Deals (You Can Shop Now)

It seems like the deals are better than ever before, with every retailer competing for your holiday budget. In fact, you can access most Black Friday deals now!

Since we're in the process of decorating our new home, I've had my eye out for great accents. Here are a handful of stellar deals for the home. Think 40% to 50% off normal prices!

C. Wonder Cookie Jar & Glassware (40% off)  

Let me tell you...the blanket I included is LIFE-CHANGING. I received the brown and white zebra print version of this blanket as a gift two years ago and it is absolutely amazing. It's huge and so soft. Forget the stupid throws that don't cover your entire body. Get this one now! And, it's on sale for only $8.99 (normally $39.99). What a deal! I want to buy one of these for every single person I know. It's that amazing. Earlier this week, I saw they had a navy and white polka dot one that was adorable, but it isn't showing online tonight (total bummer).

What's the best Black Friday deal you have found?

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