Why Great Wrapping Paper Can Rock Your World

I am a lover of pretty paper, especially a roll of nice, thick, beautifully-designed wrapping paper. When I find a great brand, I find myself buying in bulk. Here's my guide to rocking it with the best when it comes to pretty paper.

Top Places to Buy Stunning Wrapping Paper

  1. Hobby Lobby - A great variety of patterns. Super thick quality. Nice cutting guidelines. Always shop the seasonal section first, because this section will be discounted. For example, during the holidays, they offer chevron print, polka dots, houndstooth, plaid, etc. in holiday colors, so scoop up some red, silver, gold, green and black and white patterns because these can be used all year round. If you must purchase paper not on sale, at least pull up a Hobby Lobby coupon on your phone.
  2. TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshall's - I group these stores together, because they are owned by the same parent company and carry pretty much the same merchandise. These stores have been killing it lately with their wrapping paper selection. You can typically find their rolls in stand-up boxes by the checkout lanes. Each and every time I visit one of these stores, I get sucked into the wrapping paper patterns. I have to remind myself I already have ten rolls. The best part of their paper… the rolls range from $2.99 to $3.99. Super score!

Other "Uses" for Wrapping Paper

Aside from using wrapping paper to package a gorgeous gift, there are so many others things you can do!
  1. Use it as a table runner to add color and a festive pattern at your next party. I included this in my "14 Last Minute Tips for Holiday Entertaining" post here. I honestly think it's one of the easiest and most savvy tips on that list.
  2. Use an eye-catching pattern in a picture frame to create affordable artwork. Find inspiration here.
  3. Add a color background to your current cork board. Just measure, cut and pin.
  4. Place a piece on your desk, coffee table or side table and cover with custom cut glass for an instant design upgrade. Double plus - You can switch up your decor easily, quickly and cheaply. 
  5. Cut a piece to fit a center of a serving tray and then cover with an acrylic sheet. See a tutorial from the blog View Along the Way here.
  6. Decoupage strips of paper to the front for clothespins for extra pizazz. You can even add a magnet to the back of the pins to use them as fridge art holders. Inspiration can be found here.
  7. Wrap Styrofoam blocks to create a festive cake pop stand. We used this trick a couple years ago for a Curious George party I styled. See it in action here
So the real question is… "How many is too many when it comes to rolls in the reserve?" 

I'm currently at 10. What about you?

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