14 Last Minute Tips for Holiday Entertaining

I love to entertain, but believe you don't have to spend a fortune to wow your guests. Here are 14 super, savvy ideas to help with your holiday entertaining.
  1. Use a roll of festive holiday wrapping paper as a table runner on your dining room table or kitchen island. This small investment ($1-$6) can bring great impact to your tablescape. The best part… You won't feel bad about throwing it away when you're finished!
  2. Search Pinterest for free Christmas printables. Print on white card stock and frame for instant (and free) art! Consider placing your new piece on the mantle or foyer table.
  3. Shop your house for decor. Think of ways you can remix the things you already own. Move a vase from one room to another. Switch up the throw pillows. Move a plant for the window sill to the middle of your holiday table. You get the point. Try to use things you already have while creating a one-of-a-kind holiday look. 
  4. Step outside for fresh decor. Bring the outdoors in by snipping branches or leaves and collecting acorns and pinecones. Place them in a vase or bowl to bring a natural, wintery element to any space.
  5. Add glitz to your dining table. Flip a wine glass upside down and place a round globe ornament on top for a modern take on Christmas. Line glasses of different height down the middle of your table.
  6. Use seasonal candy as decoration. Candy canes or round peppermints look great in a bowl or apothecary jar. Plus, they double as breath fresheners for party guests. Extra hint: Shop the dollar store first.
  7. Spice up everyday dinnerware with holiday napkins. My favorite sources for fabulous napkins are Target, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods.
  8. Consider spreading out your presents. Think beyond the base of the tree. Add some to a basket in your entry way. Stack some by the fireplace. Utilize them as elements of decor until the moment of exchange.
  9. Use bells as place card holders. Super cheap, super festive and they're slits are super functional. 
  10. Turn bottles into reindeer. Whether it's beer, root beer, whiskey or water, you might as well make it festive. Grab a glue gun and add a pom pom nose, goggly eyes and pipe cleaner antlers. Boom! You have the cutest little gifts or most adorable beverages.
  11. Drop a colored straw into everyone's glass for an instant splash of color. These days you can find these paper drinking straws anywhere - Target, Hobby Lobby, Etsy, etc. They come in stripes, polka dots and even birch tree patterns.
  12. Spray paint pinecones metallic gold and silver. Use them as place card holders, photo stands or plate decorations. 
  13. Search Pinterest for free place cards. Print the design on card stock and use the cards to label seating arrangements or buffet dishes. 
  14. Still missing items, but not wanting to spend a ton of money? Check your local thrift store for the pieces your are lacking. Helpful hint: On Saturdays, most Goodwills offer 50% off all home goods. 
What's your go-to holiday entertaining trick? I would love to hear from you below!

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