Nate Berkus for Target

Nate Berkus never disappoints. Each and every time I head to Target, I find myself browsing the end caps to see if any of the Nate Berkus items have been marked down.

I was a fan of Nate since his first appearance on Oprah. I followed along when he made the move to FOX to host his own show. I would eagerly await the 5 pm hour, so I could tune in for quick tips on home design. I was devastated when his show was cancelled.

Nate - Please come back to TV. You are missed!

Until his return, I will have to get my fix from his Target line. Here's a sneak peak to his newest items...

1 - Stoneware Relic Urn Vases

2 - Brass Frame

3 - Stoneware Drip Vases

4 - Basketweave Comforter Set

5 - Hexagonal Wood Tray

What do you think? Any favorites?

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