5 Tips for Photo Shoot Perfection

This month marks one year since we had our engagement pictures taken. After seeing how the day went, there are several things I wish I would have done differently. Granted our photographer Sherri Barber is crazy talented and we got some pretty incredible photos out of the session, I think it could have been even better had I taken a couple extra precautions.

Based on my enthusiasm for styling and lessons learned, here are my top five tips...

1. Select coordinating colors

Tip: Whether its you and your significant other or your entire family, sticking to a color palette will create a cohesive image. I recommend picking up to three colors and mixing in neutrals.

Personal Experience: Since our pictures were taken during the fall season, we went with cranberry and mustard.

2. Perform a dress rehearsal

Tip: Try on the outfits you had in mind at least two weeks prior to your photo shoot. Once you're fully decked out, have someone take your picture in several different positions. If the clothing does not flatter your figure, it's time to alter your plan. 

Personal Experience: I researched outfit concepts, searched for the perfect pieces and remixed options for months. I eventually settled on an All-American inspired outfit. While it looked polished in the mirror, the blazer appeared boxy and the boots looked too slouchy on camera. When I saw a preview on my photographer's camera, I gasped at how my outfit appeared. I instantly decided to take off the blazer because it was not flattering for most of the positions and, not to mention, it was an unexpected 85 degrees in October. While my outfit was okay without the blazer, I wish I would have chosen something completely different. 

3. Wear Lip Color 

Tip: Your photos will turn out better if you have some sort of pop of lip color. Whether you prefer gloss or a regular lipstick, pick something.

Personal Experience: When in doubt, reapply. I kept asking my sister, who was there to help out, if I needed more lip gloss. My photographer instantly answered, "Yes, you can always use a fresh coat."

4. Bring Props

Tip: Gather some props and throw them in the car as you head off to your photo shoot. Even though the picture may feel staged, they'll turn out great. Think editorial.

Personal Experience: We grabbed a blanket, a bottle of wine and two glasses. Our photographer set up a mock picnic in front of hay bales and it just so happened that there was a heart-shaped opening shining through. The heart made a perfect touch.

5. Have a Set in Mind

Tip: Think about the places and experiences your really love. Now think through ways you can incorporate that into your shoot.

Personal Experience: This barn scene was perfect for us. First, I grew up with horses. Second, when Ben and I first met, we often hung out at Keeneland our friends. Lastly, horses are so Kentucky and we're both proud of our home state.

I hope you find these tips helpful. The least I could do is pass my learnings along to you!

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  1. I think they are absolutely gorgeous and you are crazy about the blazer! I loved it!!


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