Dressing Your Family for the Holiday Card Photo

A classic fall tone cape. A pair of leather riding boots. A felt hat. A beautiful little girl. Bring all these things together, incorporate a photog and the results are breathtaking. Repeat the same process except with the older male sibling and you create a fashion shoot fit for the J. CREW CREWCUTS catalog. The cards we send to our loved ones over the holidays should convey a simple message of caring and interest. Nothing more. Nothing less. To display your family well in a festive card is a special skill and the families below are masters of the craft.

First impressions are often expressed and interpreted through our wardrobe. These first impressions say: "I'm stylish. I'm confident. I'm photogenic. I'm personable."

I present to you Little A., Mr. C., Little E. and the Z. boys. The bottom line: These kids and their mothers have great style.

Meet Little A and Mr. C

C's attire: Tucker & Tate

Photos by Amy Oliver

Meet Little E

Jean Jacket & Leggings: Gap | Riding Boots & Knit Hat: The Children's Place
Mustard Onesie: Kohl's

Precious Purple Coat: Target

Photos by E's mom, Holly of Posy Floral Designs

Meet the Z Family

Boys' Attire: Carter's

The Best Holiday Card Selection

It seems like there are countless websites offering holiday cards. Last year, we ordered ours from Tiny Prints. I love their selection! Here's a list of safe bets, most of which are offering special discounts this week:

As the season "develops," I hope you have fun and say, "cheese!"

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