The Studio: A Creative Meeting Space

I'm lucky to work for a boss who is always ready to take things to the next level. I'm always inspired about the new works she has coming down the pipeline. One of the most recent ventures to come to life was the creation of The Studio, a creative meeting space that operates as an extension of our marketing agency. The space and design process was so inspiring from an interior design standpoint. I knew I had to share it with you.

The aesthetic appeal of our space is one of the first details people notice when they enter our office. The vibrant colors and homey features make it a desirable place to think, create and work. That's why we decided to expand our space into an area that can be rented by others hoping to get their creative juices flowing.

Beyond the vibrant, cheerful colors, the creation process was just as inspiring. My boss is one heck of a curator. She is the master of shopping craigslist and navigating flea markets. She also knows how to spot the best treasures on Everything But The House. Combine thrifted scores with goods from Overstock, EtsyTargetTJ Maxx and Home Goods, and you have a stellar space.

Working with her to create this space lead me to rethink the design and decor in my own home. I have to admit I went on mini shopping sprees trying to freshen things up in the homestead. For the longest time, I wanted to mount a (faux) animal head, but after we installed two at The Studio, I knew I must have one.

Let's tour the space!

You'll see The Studio is made up of several big spaces, small breakout areas and even a private kitchen and patio.

Isn't that table a stunner? It came from an Everything But The House sale. Notice the way the legs fit together with the tabletop. Now that's craftsmanship! 

We also had several moveable walls created just for this space. The walls on wheels feature wipe boards on both sides. Perfect for generating ideas.

We have a "vault" with a closeable wall that allows groups to breakout and brainstorm in private. The vault also includes a huge TV for projecting presentations.

A built-in kitchen space provides guests and caterers with easy access for food prep and entertaining.

And it gets better... The Studio also includes this outdoor oasis.

I love how everything came together. The colors, the furniture, the decor elements. It works so well. I have to say I'm so lucky to work in such a vibrant, colorful environment.


  1. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!!

  2. What a great space! I love that table and the outdoor space is an added bonus! Thanks for sharing, Sarah. :)


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