A wee bit of St. Patty's Day fun!

I've been too busy lately to bake anything, but if I was to prepare a yummy snack for St. Patrick's Day week, here are my top choices: 

Green Velvet Cake Balls
via Bakerella

Lucky Irish Kisses
via My Little Gems

St. Patrick's Day Cookies
via Taste of Beirut

Irish Drop Cookies
via Skinny Chef
They all look so yummy!  Makes me crave some sweet right now.  I would especially love to try my hand at these Skinny Chef Irish Drop Cookies.


  1. I've made the "lucky irish kisses" before - love em!

  2. Love these recipes, Sarah! Thanks for sharing. I will have to remember these for next year. :)

    1. Sara,
      I made the Irish Drop Cookies and the were delicious. They are also based on a "skinny" recipe. Even better!


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