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I often engage in conversation regarding my favorite fashion bloggers.  The conversation usually ends with me agreeing to send someone a list of my favorites.  As result, I thought this would make a great post idea.  I personally love reading fashion blogs, especially when the outfits include items I can find at the store down the street.

Here is my favorites in fashion...

I absolutely adore her style!  It is so feminine and chic. While most of her pieces are a bit out of my price range, I still enjoy learning how she styles her outfits.    

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Jessica from Bows and Sequence is adorable.  Many of her outfits are things I would choose to wear to work.  I like that.  Her blog is through WordPress so I choose to follow via email and enjoy receiving her daily outfit inspirations in my inbox.

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Renee from Rock 'n' Roll Betty features fabulous items that easily fit into my daily wardrobe.  She is another blogger I continuously look towards for work attire inspiration.

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Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere not only blogs about great clothing, but also writes about yummy recipes.  Cupcakes and Cashmere shows more lifestyle features than the other blogs listed above. Emily even had an opportunity to design her Coach handbag a few years ago - very cool! 

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Are there any other fabulous fashion bloggers I have missed?  

I always love a good "what I wore" read.


  1. Super cute! There are a couple in your post I haven't known about! Can't wait to check them out! Happy Weekend, Sarah!


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