Orange Leaf Love

Today marked a great first!  I visited the new Orange Leaf in town for the very first time.  They opened an Orange Leaf shop a couple minutes from our office so a few of my coworkers and I stopped in during lunch.  I have had gourmet ice cream before, but fell in love with the number of frozen yogurt flavors (at least ten) and the countless topping options. You, not the shop workers, build your yogurt masterpiece making into the creation of your desire. 

 Here is what I filled my cup with:  

1/3 birthday cake with sprinkles
1/2 strawberry with fresh strawberries and kiwis
1/3 vanilla with Reese Pieces  

They charge by the ounce so my yogurt creation was only $3.92! 

They even had the cutest shovel-like biodegradable spoons.   

Orange Leaf makes for a very happy lunch crew! 


  1. I saw this on your facebook and thought the one in Florence opened!! Let's have a lunch date there soon, please?!


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