Starting the Holiday Season in Style

I recently asked the boyfriend to write a guest post for Simply Sarah Style, because I admire his taste and choice of clothes.  With the holidays coming up, I know we all want to look our best at company parties, family parties, etc., etc.  I thought his post would come at the perfect time. If you are hoping to gift some fabulous items to the man in your life, I hope you enjoy Ben's suggestions for a pulled together, sophisticated look. 

Simply Benjamin Style
by Benjamin Boyfriend

With the recent aesthetic and functional updates to Simply Sarah Style, I felt it was about time I got in on the action.  This guest post will be a glimpse into the male perspective and some simple observations of mine; Simply Benjamin Style if you will.

I have always been a fan of form fitting clothes.  I like to buy and wear clothes that fit me; not just in the technical 15 neck, 32/33 arm--32/30 pant kind of fit, but clothes that appear to be made for my body.  I, like my better half of Simply Sarah Style, am a frugal shopper trying to avoid the pricey name brand clothes unless there is a deal or the clearance rack beckons from across the store.  Cheaper is ok with me, I don’t need that brand label to look “put together”.  With the right look, you can make anything work for yourself.
Shirts, pants, sweaters, T-shirts - everything varies depending on the cut of the garment.  You’ll find that each manufacturer has a unique cut to the clothes and it could take some trial and error until you find that “brand” that not only looks good on you, but makes you feel comfortable and confident.  For my money, I prefer a tapered shirt with a European cut (the collar would depend on the occasion).  For a dress shirt, I would prefer a spread collar while a casual shirt would necessitate a button down collar.  For pants, I am a huge fan of no pleats and no cuff; this makes your pants look simple and fancy at the same time, and reverts back to the more fitted look that I prefer.

Styles that I am drawn to this time of year consist of three principles: Simplicity, Layers and Contrast.  The fall and winter months provide great opportunities to layer your clothes; if you can keep this task simple, but at the same time using colors and prints that contrast really well with each other—you’re set!

Example #1

image source

This first example is a casual look that utilizes my principles.  Great contrast between the green sweater and the charcoal jacket, layers by incorporating the sport coat with the collared shirt and sweater, and simplicity with the solid color sweater.  Notice the ensemble is form fitting and not too much emphasis is put on any one item. 

Example #2

image source

The second example is a dressier look but still with the same principles in mind.  Once again with the sport coat (it might as well be a staple), navy gingham shirt, red cardigan, tie with a simple tie clip, and as always a simple pocket square.  This outfit has it all, great contrast from the cardigan to the gingham shirt and finally with the sport coat.  Layers with the modern three piece look, and the simplicity makes the wearer look very sleek.     

These outfits are great examples of my style.  They can be accomplished on a small budget and can take your wardrobe to the next level; just remember the three principles of Simply Benjamin Style

I hope this helps as you help your man plan his wardrobe for the holidays!  Today - Black Friday - is the perfect day to get started! Happy shopping (and styling)!

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