Gifts for the Manly Man

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Day 2 of DIY Holidays
Gifts for the Manly Man

Generally, I think it is harder to pick out a homemade gift idea for a guy than it is for a girl.  For my favorite boy, I usually resort to clothes considering we both LOVE NEW CLOTHES.  For this post, I had to search deep to come up with clever ideas appropriate for the men in your life.  Here are my best picks: 

#1) Stone Collection

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Whether your manly, man is a significant other or a family member, this stone collection idea from the James Ann blog is a wonderful, sentimental gift.  Just grab a fine point Sharpie and start decorating!  Write inspirational quotes or recap of your favorite memories on each rock.  I think this would make a great conversational piece displayed on a coffee table. 
  • Stones (Find in your backyard or purchase at a craft store)
  • Sharpies
  • Bowl or bucket for display 

#2) Scrabble Art

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I love this idea from the Little Inspirations blog.  If you have a Scrabble game laying around, then steal a couple pieces.  If not, try thrift stores to score a game at a discounted price. While I include this under the "gifts for guys" section, you could use this concept for anyone.
  • Frame
  • Mat
  • Scrabble Pieces
  • Glue

    #3) Happiness in a Tea Towel

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    The blog, 365 Days of Pinterest Creations, shared this idea of "happiness in a towel."  Essentially, happiness is a cookbook wrapped in a kitchen towel topped with a spatula (or other cooking utensil).  Simple, but thoughtful.  If you want to make this a little manlier, try a grilling cookbook. Click here to see a full tutorial on pinning the towel just right to create the gift wrap.

    • Cookbook
    • Kitchen Towel
    • Spatula 

    #4) Pasta Night

    image source
    This gift package is actually sold on a wine website, but I think you could recreate this at a fraction of the cost. Just stop by your local grocery store for supplies. To make this gift even better, add a handwritten note designating a date for breaking in the new cooking kit.

    • Strainer 
    • Pasta 
    • Pasta Sauce
    • Bread
    • Bottle of Wine
    • Ribbon or Raffia 

    Any other good ideas out there?  Email me at I would love to feature your fabulous, affordable ideas.

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