Dreams of Joining the Circus

Ringleader, August, with his wife, Marlena, and circus vet, Jacob in Water for Elephants
Christopher Waltz, Robert Pattinson, and Reese Witherspoon 
in Water for Elephants

As a child, I visited the circus each and every year it came to town. My sister and I knew that once those circus promotional commercials hit TV, our dad would make a trip to the ticket office to purchase the family tickets. Seeing the animals, clowns and high-flying trapeze artists captured my attention and imagination.

More recently, my childhood love for the circus was ignited again by the movie, “Water for Elephants”, based on the New York Times #1 best-selling book. As result, the circus become my topic of choice when assigned to write a post for the work blog. Do you love too the circus?  I welcome you to visit the Saybrook blog to see how the circus becomes big business when it comes to public relations.
Could I still fulfill my dream of joining the circus?   Maybe... just as a public relations professional or trapeze girl stand-in.

Speaking of the circus, I have noticed this is a big trend for baby showers. Here are a couple of spunky circus  ideas to incorporate into your next shower:

More Ideas from the Hostess {with the Mostess}

Ideas from Bachmanville

Love these ideas? Me too! I think the circus may just be the theme of the next shower I plan. If you want more circus, don't forget to check out my article, Engaging in the Greatest Show on Earth... the Circus, of Course!, on the Saybrook blog

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