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 Awhile ago I blogged about a wreath I created out of scrapbook paper and a styrofoam circle. I love the way it turned out. The best part was that it was so easy to create.  It was very affordable, although I think you can do it even cheaper than I did.  The styrofoam wreath actually ended up costing $6 and I have heard you can buy these at the dollar store for $1.  I didn't have time to shop around when I created mine so I had to go with the more expensive one Michael's had. My other expenses were tied up in scrapbook paper, a stamp pad (to antique the corner of the flower petals), and the stick-on pearl embellishments. Overall, this project was still cheaper than a store bought wreath.

Here is a refresher on this project:

Here is another wreath I created for my bathroom:

My friend, Julia, loved the idea of crafting your own wreath and set out to create her own.  Julia created a ruffle-looking wreath using material and a straw circle form. While her project was easy, it did take some elbow grease.  She said pushing the material into the wreath base was extremely tiring, but worth the work.
Here is how she created it:

1) Cut your material of choice into squares.

2) Use scissors to push the center of the material square into the straw form.

3) Continue until you fill up the front side of the wreath.

4) Keep going. I know it takes a while. (Rest in between if you need to. I hear this really works your muscle.)

5) Top off with the embellishments of your choice.

Props to Julia! Her first wreath turned out to be a beautiful masterpiece!

I also came across this wreath done in burlap. The author of Tatertots and Jello created this for Thanksgiving, but of course you could change the embellishments for any holiday. I absolutely whole-heartedly LOVE it and it may be in my crafting future. Anyone who knows me totally knows this is my style. The polka dots and ruffly flowers speak to me. 

Happy wreath-making!

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  1. What a genius idea!! I want some wreaths for my door but don't want to spend a fortune on them!! I may just have to make a spring one! :-)


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