Kendi Everyday & Other New Discoveries

I recently came across the blog, Kendi Everyday. It is similar to the blog, Work Your Closet.  Each blogger documents their outfit choice and fashion inspiration each day.

I absolutely love Kendi's style. Here is her latest outfit:

I personally wouldn't have thought to put this bold red skirt with this brown and neutral colored pairing. I would have paired it the easy way - with black.  I love how textured this outfit is.  I am dying to recreate it. Let's take inventory!
  • Similar boots (check)
  • Textured tights (check)
  • Brown belt (check)
  • Cozy Sweater (check)
  • Black Blazer No that will not work. It will probably be too dark.  New Blazer
  • Red wool skirt
I'll keep my eye out for the above items that currently do not reside in my closet. Now is the perfect time for winter clearance!

On another note, I have recently stumbled across some other wonderful blogs. If you read my blog, I know you will also appreciate these:

On tatertots & jello, the author and guest bloggers post about "crafts, decorating, and real life."  There are so many inspiring projects on this blog. It makes me want to try them all!

the home office of Jennifer from tatertots & jello

WhipperBerry is the work of nine friends, the WhipperChics, who pull their ideas for crafts, recipes, and events together in one place.  I could sit for hours and go through all their projects. I know you will love this one!

WhipperChic, Heather's party set available on Etsy

On this blog, a young married couple documents their home renovations. The tag line of the blog is "you're not alone in wanting a kick-ass house on a not-so-kick-ass budget." AMEN sister! This blog is calling my name!

I hope you enjoyed my recommended new reading list. Happy blog reading!

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