Mirror Inspiration

I discovered this beautiful aqua mirror on the House to Your Home blog. I was drawn to the vibrant pop of color. The aqua green seems to be making a statement when topped on the neutral dresser and paired with pastels. 

Most of the decor at my house is based on a neutral or softer palette. I always get a little scared when purchasing something so boldly colored in fear that it will look outrageously out of place in my home. Then if it did look hideous, I would have to waste time taking it back to the store. A loose-loose situation.

In effort to create this look without much financial risk involved, I decided to keep my eyes pealed for potential mirror options I could paint at Goodwill. Here is what I found for ONLY $2.60:

I painted my color options on the back of the mirror to see what they would look like. I think the one on the left is closest to the inspiration picture above.

Still deciding on a color... I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

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  1. The one on the left - the more tealy color.


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