Craft Day - Project 1

During my weekend attempt to be frugal, I sought out activities that were free.
What did I come up with?
Craft day using items around my house.

First Project: use my Cricut machine to explore vinyl projects.

I have owned a Cricut for several years now but just now realized that they sell vinyl for the machine. I already have several store-bought vinyl wall quotes featured around my home. I thought... I can make these now!

Store-bought quote in my bedroom:

Store-bought quote in my entry way:

Store-bought quote in my master bathroom:

Quote I cut myself on my Cricut:
This quote is above my patio door.

Notice the typical white blinds (which I despise). Please let me know if you have any cost effective solutions for window treatments of this size. I am so ready to move on from these.

Currently, I only own the "George" font that came with my machine, but am looking forward to purchasing more so I can expand on my vinyl projects!

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