Craft Day - Project 2

I purchased a sofa bed earlier this year so my friends would have somewhere to sleep when they visited. This piece came from IKEA and included a white cover as well as two white pillows. To entertain myself on Saturday, I decided I was going to experiment with decorating the pillows.

I started with the following items that I already had lying around the house:
* Two Types of Ribbon
* Pillow
* White Pillow Cover
* Sewing Kit

I googled "how to make a flower out of ribbon" to watch demo videos and get started.

I started folding the ribbon using various methods I came across in my google search.

I sewed the ribbon in several places throughout the middle to secure the flower creation.

I also added lighter color ribbon as little leaves since my mom insisted the pillow needed something else to make it pop.

Here is the pillow featured in my guest bedroom/office:

My second attempt at frugal entertainment: a success!

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