Nate Berkus Inspiration

Watching the Nate Berkus show inspired me to revamp store bought furniture.

My first project:

Per Nate's instructions, I bought a can of gold spray paint and a paint pen. Then went to town on this Wal-Mart bought piece of furniture. Here is the step by step demo to how I added a little pizazz to my TV stand.


I started by spray painting the hardware gold. I couldn't believe how much fun and easy spray painting was!

Then I used painting tape to block off areas where I wanted to add gold trim. I filled in the areas with a gold paint pen.

Eight dollars later, here is THE FINAL PRODUCT:

Okay, not a huge difference... but it was fun! Plus, this opened me up to exploring other projects.


Like I mentioned above, spray painting was fun and easy so I started looking around my house for other things turn metallic gold. I thought this glass container displayed in my kitchen would look dazzling in gold so I started by spraying the cork piece.

I loved it so much that I decided to spray the entire bottle.

Don't you love all things shiny and metallic?

Happy Spray Painting! :)

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