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Hello readers!

I am so sorry I have been MIA for the last week due to work obligations, but I'm back.

Organizing has been one of my passions/hobbies/natural behavior for such a long time. Even as a child I would organize items in the shopping cart or straighten up the shelves as my mother shopped. I just loved organizing things and still do. Now I have my own home to organize just the way I like.

I came across this idea for office organizing and thought it was precious! This shelf is functional, yet beautiful.

The authors of Country Living magazine tell you how to create this space-saving storage shelf in a couple simple steps:

Measure your shelf to determine the number of jelly jars to attach. Space them out evenly and mark their placement with a pencil. Start with clean jelly jars. Turn the shelf over and position the jar lids along the underside of the shelf. Attach each lid securely with two small nails; if the lid is too loose, it will spin. Fill the jars with colorful office and craft supplies — check out — and twist onto the lids.

I can't wait to try this.
Happy organizing!

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