Lemon Tree Creations

Lemon Tree Creations is a blog I follow daily. Each day it is updated with a new home improvement or craft project. It is so inspiring to see what the authors create from affordable pieces they purchased or items they already had laying around their homes.

The recent "Dining Room Update" post by Patrice really caught my eye because of the vintage elegance feel it creates. I am drawn to the laid back, yet sophisticated look.

Here is the before...

And the after...


Notice how the luxurious candle sticks, wine glasses, and decorative plates dress up the distressed wood of the table making it a pleasant combination. Most people would not think to mix and match this way keeping with one style or the other, but I love the combination of these pieces.

Love this transformation too?

Head over to Lemon Tree Creations to find out how Patrice transformed this room as well as to check out other recent projects!

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