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In honor of the Cats win over the Cards yesterday, I thought I would share some of my favorite University of Kentucky inspired items. A fellow classmate of mine from college now has her own stationary company, M. Ellen Designs, and has created several UK/Lexington items that I absolutely love.

Below is a map she created for the city of Lexington as the excitement and tourism builds for the World Equestrian Games. These maps can be picked up for FREE at places around Lexington.
(I am still dying to have one so I can mat it and frame it for my house!)

Front of Lexington Map:

Back of Map:

More of my favorite M.Ellen Designs...

I love her illustrations because they are cute, preppy, and memorable.

If you attended the University of Kentucky, I know you must love these too!

For more on Mary Ellen's work, check out her blog at Mostly MEllen.

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