Surprising Finds

As a child and teenager, I would always cringe when my mother wanted to go to Goodwill. Of course, I would have rather been at the mall shopping and visiting all the "cool" stores. Now as a homeowner, I am realizing how many cheap and unique finds you can find at thrift stores. Here is one my latest buys...

I came across these glass canisters at Goodwill and thought they would make a beautiful storage solution for my bathroom necessities. I think it turned out well.

Only $6 for the canisters (Goodwill) and $2 for the bars of soap (Kroger). Everything else I already had at home.


  1. Cute idea, but I know where you could have gotten free soap!

  2. You are right, Megan. I should have gotten it from your Grandpa. Next time! :)


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