My Entry Way

A month ago, my friend Becky talked me into purchasing this beautiful Pottery Barn table we came across at the outlet. After thinking about it all day, the table ended up coming home with us barely fitting in a SUV full of shopping bags and girls. It was cramped to say the least, but it was worth it.

This was definitely an "investment" purchase as we like to call it. Here is its new home in my foyer:

I purchased the "Good Company Always Welcome" vinyl decal from I used an old poster frame from our house in college to feature the welcome saying. My old fashion suit case which I use to store ribbons and wrapping materials is from Hobby Lobby. Lastly, the other accents - the flower pot and the horn of plenty - are from local thrift stores.

The glass top of the table opens to display collectibles inside.

Other pictures of my foyer:

An IKEA canvas print

Mirror from Wal-Mart, Suit Case and Clock featuring Kensington Station of London from Hobby Lobby, Table from Target, Picture from my trip to Paris, France.

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