Meet My Friend Mark

My friend Mark bought a home in the historical district of Newport. Mark is an architect and was actually the one who painted much of my condo. I am so amazed by his talent and vision.

We stopped by his house on Saturday to see how his home renovation is going. The house is over a century old and has so much charm.

Here are a few pictures of completed areas in his house:

This piece came with the house and Mark repainted it to match his front porch decor.

I love the character of this green chair because of its antique flair. Mark said it was a steal from a flea market. Oh, this makes me want to go to flea markets and estate sales so bad so I too find great finds like this!

Mark's upstairs bathroom features pictures from the Cincinnati Museum Terminal where he worked this summer on historical preservation projects. Notice the beautiful bathtub which actually came with the house.

I like how every item on this book case is strategically placed to create an overall balanced look. Notice on the top right shelf, he features several books - most of which look straight out of the 18th century. I asked where I could find those these days because I would love to feature them in my home.

I only captured shots of the parts of his home which are currently decorated. It is still a work in progress, but I cannot wait to see the finished product. This is truly going to be a masterpiece.

You too can tour his home.
Mark plans on participating in the Newport Christmas Tour this December.

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