In search of the perfect wall calendar

I recently accepted a new job and am settling into my new office. As I start to get a feel for my space, I'm constantly making a mental note of what I need to make the spot feel complete. My personal preference is a tidy desk with beautiful, yet functional elements. I believe your space should make you feel organized and inspired.

Last year, I lucked out and found a beautiful wall calendar at Target's Dollar Spot for only $3. It was pretty huge and served dual functions: pretty art and an at-a-glance reference of dates. I was holding out, hoping that Target would rollout a similar calendar this year, but no such luck.

I've been forced to explore other (read: more expensive) options. I've scoured the local stores, Etsy and Instagram looking for that perfect find. Then I thought, if I'm putting this much effort into the search for a beautiful wall calendar, perhaps other people are looking for the same thing and would benefit from my finds, or perhaps people have better suggestions.

Here's what I've found so far that somewhat fits my criteria:


On sale for $22.46

On sale for $18.71
(Although, for some reason, I hate that this is the traditional shape.)

(This is also who makes my blog/business cards.)



Do you have any favorites from the collection or any new calendar sources I should check out? I keep trying to rack my brain and think of the names of all of the lovely stationery shops I follow on Instagram, so I can check out their selections, but nothing is coming to mind. 

Fellow pretty paper lovers - I welcome your suggestions! Please. Pretty please leave your recommendations below.


  1. New job?! Congrats! Where did you move to?

  2. I recently purchased some personalized stationary from hedoe papers on Etsy! I wonder if they have anything. They were VERY nice and easy to work with and the quality of paper/ink/designs were very high quality ��

    1. Kaitlin - Thanks for introducing me. I just checked out the Easy shop. They have such gorgeous designs!


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