5 ways to get an editorial-inspired look (without a major remodel) in your kitchen

Remember when I mentioned I recently accepted a new full-time job? Well it's with a home builder, which means I look at beautifully constructed and decorated homes all day, every day. Talk about the perfect job for a home design enthusiast!

Boy has this job got my wheels turning. Every day, I'm inspired to change up things in my own home - whether that be moving furniture around or adding new must-have items to my wish list. In particular, I'm been thinking about how you can achieve a luxury look without dropping a crazy amount of money. Of course, that has always been my goal though.

So, today let's talk about how to turn your kitchen from drab into fab with these go-to tricks for kitchen styling. Even without a remodel, you can add personality to your space, which, after all, is the hub of the home, right?

To gain an editorial/magazine quality look in your home, I recommend looking for the following textures in accent items and putting these items on display or to work in your kitchen. I promise you can find all of these components at obtainable stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, World Market, Target, Hobby Lobby or even your local grocery store.

Next time you're out shopping, look for items with the following finishes:
I know... you're probably thinking, "I can't afford marble countertops." Do not fear. There are so many other ways to add marble. Think cutting boards like the ones displayed above, a trivet, a rolling pin, a cake stand or even a soap dispenser. All these items are practical, but can easily be stored on the counter top as part of your decor.


Inspiration via Bliss at Home's tour on the Every Girl

These days, you can find copper everywhere. From the traditional Moscow Mule mug to other functional pieces like a mug holder and pots and pans, the options are endless.
Raw, wooden textures bring an element of warmth into a space that is built on being sterile. It adds a touch of nature and rich history vibe (even if you bought that dough bowl from Pottery Barn). Bowls and cutting boards are the easiest way to bring in the wood tones.


Inspiration via Joanna Gaines
It's amazing how greenery can liven up a room. Have you noticed that not a remodel reveal on Fixer Upper goes by without greenery mixed in throughout the home. If you're a regular cook, consider adding a plant that you can actually use in your recipes. Us, the non-cooks, ironically have a cactus on our kitchen ledge. I guess that's a testament to our cooking abilities. It still adds a nice splash of color though.


Inspiration via Nesting with Grace

There's no doubt you are using kitchen towels, but choose your linens wisely. In addition to the ones you use to dry your dishes and wipe your hands, pick a few higher end ones for display. I actually own the same gingham towel featured above. It's from Anthropologie and actually much more beautiful on the opposite side. Invest in a few nice ones to hang and display.

That's a wrap on my go-to tips. If you're looking for more inspiration on achieving a designer look, check out my rolling tab of ideas here. Happy styling, my friends!


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