My love affair with Elm & Iron

Let's take a second and marvel over all things beautiful and interesting in the photo above. Ah, yes. There are so many to appreciate. The mix of rustic and glam, exotic and local, industrial and natural. Iron & Elm in OTR has it all.

This store seriously had me at hello. I first visited last year and fell in love. I even picked up a few things for Baby P.'s nursery as well as a few items for Christmas gifts then. Now, each time I head back, I want to buy it all - scoop it up and shower my house with home decor goodness.

Guess what...we're all in for a treat. Iron & Elm has opened a second store in OTR, just down the road from the original shop. This one though is three floors. Can you imagine? Come along browsing with me.

There were so many light fixtures I wanted to take home, and the best part...most are under $500!

At Elm & Iron, you'll find a nice mix of vintage and new, including a full blown plane hanging between floors.

(That's the good hubby carrying the diaper bag as mommy and baby shop.)

Walking over the glass floor was a little frightful, so we walked the perimeter. Definitely a conversation piece though!

I'm a sucker for a cow hide rug. We have one in our sunroom, which is easy to maintain. I once read that cow hides are an ideal rug option for those with pets, because they're easy to maintain. While we don't have pets, we've had great luck maintaining and cleaning ours.

I also love this store because it's full of styling ideas. 

It's also a great place to find affordable art. $5 for prints + $15 for the frame. Not a bad deal.

And for the last feature of the tour, the vintage Kentucky Derby sign. Of course, I had to include this!

Anyone else a big fan? I can't get enough of this place!

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